Arthur and Lietta

There’s an Awesome Artist and Cantankerous Curmudgeon hiding away on South Hill in Spokane.

Doing what?

Well heck, they are exploring all the what’s-nexts connected to retirement, aging and simple enjoyment of being together.

We do lots of stuff …

put miles on the car …

painter at work

Painter at work: DO NOT DISTURB|

sample assorted cuisines …

go to movies and afterwards ask ourselves over coffee what we just saw …

work on a calendar that displays so many activities-so little time …

or (are you ready for this?) …

sit on our recliners and let the Roku device and snacks entice us through the evenings.

writer at work

Writer at work: Practicing the skills of Curmudgeonry.

Just the two of us … come often if you like.

xmas at The Conservatory Manito

Holiday Flowers at The Conservatory in Manito Park